Friday, October 5, 2012

Super girl TUTORIAL

A friend needed a super hero outfit for her daughter, and she knew who to call.... SUPER SEAMSTRESS to the rescue!

I whipped together this outfit for her to wear in our local homecoming parade.


The mask I made in the same way that I did the cat woman mask, check it out HERE, but there are a couple of additions to this mask.

I changed the shape of the mask a bit to make it more super hero by shaping the top corners to a little point and by widening the eye.

I made a ribbon casing for the elastic and fed it through before sewing the mask because all I had was white elastic and I wanted it to be cute. I ironed 1/2" gross grain ribbon in half and sewed a very narrow seam and the 1/4" elastic fit perfectly.

I also cut out heart details to sew on the front and hot glued a rhinestone on for a little girly bling.


These are really easy to put together. Measure the wrist and add 2 inches. This is the length. Draw out a simple rectangle with a sloping point on one side.

I've found the easiest way to top stitch together two pieces that are the same shape is to cut out one shape, lay it on top of another piece of felt larger all the way around, top stitch together, and then cut away the excess on the larger piece. This way you don't have to worry about your fabric shifting.

After you have the cuff piece add on any embellishments and sew on a piece of Velcro on each end.


To make the cape I used the tutorial HERE from moms The tutorial was made by howdoesshe and she did a great job. I found it easy-to-follow. I did change a few measurements though because I needed a cape to fit a larger size child and not a toddler.

First I cut a piece of fabric 35 inches long and kept it folded in half lengthwise.

Then on one end I measured 14 inches and made a mark.

On the other end I measured 6.5" and made a mark.

Then you draw a line to connect the two. I did later decide that this would be a little too wide for my girl and cut off about 1 inch from this long side.

Now you use a plate 8 inches in diameter to make the neck. Place it 6" from the top and 5" from the fold and draw around it.

Now cut it all out 1/2" from your markings.

If adding an appliqué, do it now. I used the superhero alpha from planet appliqué.

Pin it all the way around. Use a lot of pins if using slinky fabric like my polyester knit.

Sew all the way around with a 1/2" seam allowance, leaving a hole for turning in the bottom of the cape. Clip the curves, turn right side out, press, hand sew hole closed, machine stitch on a piece of Velcro, and you are done!


Your little one will be ready to take flight!



Anonymous said...

I figured it out! My email I receive doesn't come to life if I don't click on the title. Everything is there then, I didn't know until you showed me your blog on Saturday and I looked at this one this morning! Good seeing everyone at the B-day party!

Kate C. said...

Yeah. I'm glad you got your comments working. I know you'll have great ideas for me. It was great seeing all of you too. Happy sewing!