Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Superhero fun!


The latest birthday present I've made is this really fun superhero outfit. I purchased the in-the-hoop file from Planet Appliqué for the mask and wrist cuffs. I think I only paid $4 at the introductory price. It is only $2 today! The file gives you the option of lightning bolts, stars, hearts, or flowers. The superhero alphabet I used on the cape was free with a $5 purchase. And that was definately not a problem to reach.


I used a tutorial for the cape by Georgia Leah. It did not show how to shape the shoulders and neck, so I used my model to make a newspaper pattern. This method worked, but did not give much growing room. Next time I'll make it looser around the neck and shoulders.


Then I pinned this on my fabric and measured down about 26 inches from the shoulder, then I cut a straight cut across the fabric.

At the bottom I measured 10 inches for the width and made a cut from the left corner towards the neck, making a triangular shape.

This is what it looks like unfolded.

After doing the appliqué I used tons of pins to hold them right sides together, sewed around leaving a turning hole, trimmed seams, turned, top stitched, added Velcro and the lightning decal I made with the embroidery machine, and it was done.

Little lightning loves his super hero outfit! I hear he's been busy running around the house showing off his super muscles.

The other options are so cute too. My girls can't wait for their pink capes.

I am envisioning a super hero family this Halloween.