Saturday, June 30, 2012

Gift giving 101

One way that I find it easy to save $ for the family is to buy ahead. When I find a deal on a product I use, I buy as many as I might need in the next 6 months or so if I have room for that many. Luckily I have several extra cabinets in my half bath that I use for my pantry and personal hygiene stock pile. Some may think this is strange, I know my husband did when he first saw where I was keeping the cereal, but in a small home you've got to use storage where you can find it!

Another way I save is buy keeping a gift stock pile, which I store in the attic. Our local Dirt Cheap Stores are one place I find a lot of these items for as cheap as 80% off retail. When I find something that fits our usual birthday party crowd, I pick up as many as I'll need for a year or so. I also sew a lot of my gifts for children's parties and adults alike. Sometimes I ask the mother what item they would like, but more often I just surprise them with something. I do this so often, I think they pretty much expect a homemade gift from us. I enjoy making them and they are just as nice, if not more so than a store bought present.


For today's party I almost hate to disclose what I actually paid for the gift, but I guess I will.

The birthday girl and her sister are going on a beach vacation in July, so I pulled 2 beach towels out of the attic and monogrammed their names on them. I paired this with a store bought Melissa and Doug toy that I purchased for 70%off at a local shoe store that has a huge yearly sale - I LOVE the Watermelon Patch!- and viola. Birthday girl gets a fun toy and personalized beach towel, with one thrown in for her sis as well, for only... Wait for it.....$8 plus tax!

Now if I went to the store yesterday and bought just the toy it would have been $20 plus tax. That's why I love my stock pile and why my husband has learned to love it too, even if it is in the bathroom!


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