Saturday, September 22, 2012

A mountain of diapers

While writing a post about diapering my kiddos while they are standing up, I started thinking about how many diapers I have actually changed over the last 3.5 years.
So I decided to do the math.

I used these figures.

12 diapers a day for the first 3 months

8 diapers a day from 4 months to 12 months

6 diapers a day from 12 months to potty trained

2 diapers a day from potty trained to present date (for napping and bedtime)

I did not count the first 2 months for Snow White and 1.5 months for Cinderella because the bulk of these diapers were changed by the NICU nurses

I only counted day time diaper changes for little Belle (my niece whom I've kept since 2 months old)


Here it is:

Cinderella uses diapers and pull ups daily. In her 3 years and 7 months she has been changed 8,433 times!

Snow White was fully potty trained at about 2.5 years and only wears a diaper during napping and bedtime. In her 3 years and 7 months she has been changed 6,681.

Little Belle has been with me since she was 2 months old and in her 2 years I have changed her approximately 3,304 times.

Prince Charming has already been changed 2,356 times in his first 8 months.

Are you ready for this??????

That's a total of 20,774 diaper changes.

It makes me wonder how I've had time to do anything else.

I can't claim all of those diapers from my twin girls because my husband was a great help to me after he got home from work and my Mom came to visit as much as she could to help with the girls when they were infants, but the bulk of them I changed.

I only counted the diapers that would have been changed by myself from my neice, and my baby boy's diaper has rarely been changed by anyone other than myself.

All-in-all I think it's safe to say that I've changed close to 20,000 diapers in the last 3.5 years.

I feel like that's enough to put it at the top of my "skills list".

I may not be able to have an intelligent conversation about chemistry anymore, but I can change diapers and baby talk with the best of them.


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