Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Unconventional diapering

When my girls starting pulling up and standing and before they could walk, I found an easier way to get them still long enough to put their diaper on. At this stage they were very wriggly and rolled right over when placed on their back, and since I had to do everything twice, I needed to save time.

I started letting them pull up and hold onto something, and I changed their diaper from the back while they were standing.

It is really easy to do, just:

  • Pull down pants
  • Remove diaper
  • If it's a Dirty diaper just have them lean over a bit so you can see what you are wiping (this really works better when they got older)
  • Open up new diaper
  • Align the diaper at back waist
  • Pull between legs and up the front
  • While holding the back with one hand, use the other to pull open one tab and connect it to front
  • Connect other tab
  • Adjust the first tab if needed to ensure a good fit

Now I used only disposable diapers with them and still do during naps and bedtime, and yes we still diaper them standing up. My husband has it down to a science. He says, "spread 'em" and they do this sumo wrestling stance that looks hilarious. He pops that dipe on in a second, and if they need diaper rash cream, he caulks 'em with the full strength desitin. I say caulk, because that's what we call it and it is literally what it looks like because he does not use his finger to apply the cream, he just squirts it out of the tube right onto the bottom. Yes, it's a bit wasteful, but hey he is putting on a diaper isn't he?

On a side note...

Over the last 3.5 years, we've both done our share of caulking with desitin, caulking to prep for painting (we remodeled our entire house 2 years ago and caulked all the baseboard, crown molding, and door facings ourselves, and then I painted, ahhhhhh the nightmares), and caulking in the bath (we've put in 3 bathroom countertops, all of which I have been in charge of caulking or siliconing and I have also siliconed a bathtub).


Now that my son has reached that wriggly stage and I wish I could change him standing up, I'm looking for an easy way to pop a cloth diaper on his bottom. But.... He isn't pulling up yet. He loves to roll to his left and even get up on all fours while I attempt to change his diaper. He is super strong at 25 pounds and almost 8 months old. So finally the other day I just decided to give it a try...And after some practice, I can now change his cloth diaper while he is up on all fours. I've even wiped up dirty dipes this way. It is a bit trickier using cloth diaper covers with a pad folded prefold laid inside, but with more practice I'm sure I'll master it,or at least make it until he stands up.


My mom still thinks it's very strange that we diaper our kiddos this way. What do you think? Have you tried any unconventional methods yourselves?



Kate C. said...

So I'm guessing I'm the only one who does it this way?

mommie said...

I had 9 children and very often changed diapers while a child was standing. It really makes it easier especially when wherever you are is germ-filled. Great article!