Thursday, September 6, 2012

How I got all these clothes for $10!

I recently made a purchase from thred I am always looking for a great deal on children's clothing and thred is a pretty good place to find one.

Sometime last year I registered with them to receive $15 free credit on my account and it's been sitting there ever since.

Little Cinderella started looking for a mysterious red dress lately that I guess she just imagined she had, so I decided to check and see if I could find one for her. Right now she loves to wear a fancy dress around the house all the time.

I found this one and knew she would love it, and she does!

Here is Snow White in her favorite dress from the thred up box. Another "fancy" dress.

I also got all these items.


When my cute thred up box came in the mail the clothes were wrapped in tissue and sealed with a sticker. We were so excited to open it!

Everything looked pretty good, except this dress. There was a sticker saying it was flawed.

It was flawed, but it said I would be refunded the cost, so no prob.

Another item also had a sticker, but i saw nothing wrong with it.

I noticed one dress I ordered was not in the box, but an extra pair of jeans was.

I emailed to check on it, and was told they would send the dress and I would be refunded for 3 items in my box that are flawed. I still only see 1 flaw, but okay.

A week or so later, the other dress arrives. NWT!

So here's the break down:

I filled my cart with about $50 worth of clothes.

In total we received 7 dresses, 1 coat, and 3 pairs of pants.

  • The initial $50 purchase was shipped free with a coupon code I found online.
  • $15 credit was applied.
  • Approximately $25 was refunded.
  • I paid $10 for all these high quality clothes!!!!!

Now that's frugal mama shopping at it's finest.

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