Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day Trip - Bay St. Louis, MS

Well if you checked yesterday you may have noticed that the blog went without a post all day. That's because I was doing something more important, taking the kiddos on an day trip. We packed up and left out very early for one mom and 3 kiddos (8:40 A.M.) We picked up Nana on the way out of town and went looking for adventure. We met up with my Aunt and cousin and decided to set our aim on the town of Bay St. Louis, MS. Our first stop was The Mockingbird Cafe for lunch. They have local art on every wall, and I enjoyed checking it all out while waiting for our food to arrive.

Afterwards we set out walking in what they call "old town". There are several shops here just about a block and a half from the beach, all located in historic buildings which survived Hurricane Katrina. We shopped antiques and collectibles, soaps and lotions, some really neat painted furniture, and even saw a Mississippi Pickle Fork! My favorite stop though was a local artists' cooperative.
The art ranged from pottery to paintings to mosaic mirrors and metal sculptures of animals made from old kitchen items (really fun and cute), but of course my purchase was pottery. It was after all, one of my first loves.

This hand built zebra spoke to me, so for now he lives at my kitchen window. One of the only spots in the house I feel he won't get broken. I love the dark clay, ribbed body, and multi-color glaze of this piece. My aunt found a Katrina Cross (wish I took a photo) with a poem attached, the piece was roughly the shape of a cross with a hand painted palm tree that reached onto each cross limb. It's a neat memento for people of this area.

On the way back, we stopped by the University of Southern Mississippi's Gulf Coast campus in Longbeach, MS to visit the "Friendship Tree". My mom remembers it from childhood. It is really very huge and was a sapling at the time that Christopher Columbus discovered the new world!

It felt neat on his feet! I guess the first time he felt a tree, quite a big deal for the son of a forester.

Inspiration for the girls' winter wardrobe.

It was a fun day for the adults and the kiddos loved it too. A successful trip by my standards!

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