Sunday, July 8, 2012

To swim diaper or not to swim diaper

When little prince charming got too hot at the local church pool party I stripped him down to his diaper, and all the ladies asked if he was going swimming too. They assumed that this cute softbums omni in sprout was some type of swim trunk. I then got to explain our current cloth diapering love and how we do it as cheaply as possible by buying only a few covers like this one and using mostly homemade fitted diapers and inserts. I also have some homemade covers that work pretty well, but ever since I discovered softbums they have been my favorite because of the great fit I get on my rolly polly baby. The slide to size system they use is great!!!! I'm so happy with them actually I have yet to try to duplicate it.

But onto the topic of swim diapers. I did not bring one for prince charming that day because I didn't plan on him getting in the pool since I wasn't. Hubby decided to put him in the water a bit~ it was his first time in a pool~ I guess we couldn't resist. I had just changed his diaper so we put him in cloth diaper and all, and well let me tell you if you didn't already know, about a gallon of water came out of the pool with him, and then drained all over me...

So next time I will be using one of his snug fitting homemade pocket diapers without an insert inside. I've read this will work just as effectively as a disposable swim diaper, because all they are designed to do is hold the solid waste. Mama's cloth can do that!

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