Saturday, July 21, 2012

Yard Sale = Love

Saturday mornings bring about a great thing.... Yard Sales. While I don't shop them every Saturday, I do love the times I get to go out and look for bargains. A few weeks ago I took the girls with me and they were thrilled with their bucket of plastic food they purchased (well they asked me for the $) for 25 cents. Lately I've been trying to pick up some clothes for little prince charming, because well, he's not so little anymore and has already outgrown the wardrobe I purchased for him before birth. At 6 months (today!!!!! Cry a little ;( too) he is wearing 18 months clothing.

A close friend had a yard sale starting on Friday evening this weekend (what a great idea) so I was able to pick up all these great clothes for only $20! She did give me a great price because we are buds, but hey I'll take a bargain however I can get one.


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