Monday, July 16, 2012

Sidewalk chalk paint

The girls and I love making sidewalk chalk paint. I found the tutorial HERE.

We have been keeping it in plastic cups, but it dries out everyday.

While on a road trip last weekend my hubby bought some simply apple and simply orange juice in individual bottles, and they were so sturdy I thought I had to find a way to reuse them. A couple days later we needed more sidewalk chalk paint, and viola the bottles made perfect paint containers. They stand upright and aren't easy to knock over. The lids are easy to open and close, even for little hands. Paint brushes fit in the opening easily. With the lids on tightly, little ones can shake up the paint to mix it. And best of all it doesn't dry out!


Now we just need to find a use for the bigger bottles.


I think this lemonade one would make a great watering can with just a few holes in the lid.

What uses can you think of ???






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Anonymous said...

Great idea! Good way to use the short pieces of chalk.