Monday, August 6, 2012

$20 got me all this!

While visiting and traveling over last weekend I got to shop a thrift store I don't normally get the opportunity too. While my dear husband watched the children I looked through boxes and racks of clothes and came up with all these items for only $20! They rang up $19.80, but I let her keep the change! LOL.

My haul included:

2 books

3 plastic plates for crafting

1 sweater

1 zip-up jacket

1 toddler tie

6 pairs of children's pants - the owls and the frogs above are cute homemade pants made with quilters cotton just like I would make!

14 children's shirts

3 adult shirts - to try a new idea of mine, if it works out you'll see it soon enough.

1 adult skirt - to cut up and made little boy blue a pair of houndstooth pants, so cute!


I just love a good thrift store.


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