Thursday, August 23, 2012

Diaper Storage

A recent Facebook post prompted me to describe my cloth diaper organization. So here goes.


I got this new changing table for $15 at Dirt Cheap and the blue terry changing pad cover there also.

The large green bins came from there also. Beginning to see my Dirt Cheap addiction?

The smaller ones I got at Target on clearance.


The bin on the left holds my fitted diapers. All of which I made.

The middle bin holds my pocket diapers and covers, some of which I made, and cloth wipes, which are actually infant wash cloths.

The bin on the right holds my inserts and prefolds. Some of which I made. See the cute wiener dog ones?

The large bin labeled diapers holds disposable diapers and the cloth bits that are not in rotation right now.

The large bin labeled laundry holds guess what? Dirty laundry.

I keep the dirty dipes in this wet bag I made to fit the end of the changing table. I think I should made a tutorial for that sometime.

An in case you've got the misconception that I've got my whole house this organized, I'll show you the other side of Prince Charming's room, which doubles as my embroidery machine and serger area. And also seems to attract all the piles and bags of fabric. The poor baby does get to hang a few clothes in his closet.

Ahh! It makes me crazy, but I try not to look at it. I'll get it clean at some point, but then another spot in the house will be piled with stuff. I've accepted the inevitable.


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