Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wish List

While out shopping the other day, it seemed like TJ Maxx had the best merchandise. On every aisle there was something for my future home. This home is in the very very early planning stages, so I don't need to buy anything yet. If it were a little closer though, I'd be so tempted.

Ok, I was tempted already, but resisted. (I pat myself on the back).

Here is my wish list so far.

Cork board with neat drawers underneath and sturdy paper catchers. My counter always has a pile of paper work on it. And I loovvee black furniture.

Really neat black metal wall storage unit.

Pretty and cheap baskets. $12.99.

I love this metal pipe coffee table with wooden top. It is turned on its side here.
This is the companion piece to the coffee table. I would only use one or the other.
King size quilt with blue, green, and aqua design. I plan on using a lot of pale blues and aquas in our new home. Having a king size bed is a dream of mine.

Happy shopping and wishing to you all.


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