Friday, August 17, 2012

Favorite Thing Friday - Fluffy Mail!

I love all my newest cloth diapering products I ordered from Kissed by the Moon.

After speaking on the phone with someone at Softbums I was convinced to try a Softbums Echo shell, to this point I have used only Omni Shells, which are a larger fit diaper cover. The Echo is trim and I love it. Paired with the new bamboo pods I ordered it fits nicely and is definitely trimmer than our other options. A snap-in microfiber pod also fits nicely. A prefold will not fit inside though, and it is not recommended for night use because it can't be stuffed much and does not have a pocket.

I also ordered my first, yes my first Oso Cozy unbleached prefold! I don't know why I have hesitated so long. It works great, just like my flip prefolds that I love so much and was much cheaper at around $3. I got the shorter version to use pad-folded in a cover.

Cjs butter rounds out my order. If anyone needs a good bottom product, I would recommend this. I've been using it for a while on my baby boy's bottom, because in cloth he rarely needs anything stronger like desitin. The trial sizes are only $1.50, and it comes in so many scents you'll want to try a few. This trial size is New mown hay, how southern is that? I got the full size tube, the first I've ever owned because the trial sizes last a long time, for FREE, yes FREE with my order. It was a special being run at the time.

Always check for specials and coupon codes when ordering cloth diapers and products, because there are tons of sales. Refuse to pay shipping, and always get something for free (maybe even a diaper). If you can't find a great deal, just wait for the next holiday. Next up- LABOR DAY. Trust me the sale will happen.

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