Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fabric shopping !!!!!

There is nothing fun about having a sick baby... Except, getting to take only that 1 child to town.
While in town we made a stop by Hancock Fabrics and picked up some things.
  • I needed black felt and elastic for a custom cat woman mask - elastic 30% off
  • Red flannel to make a raggy appliqué- remnant pricing $2 yard
  • Needles for serger and embroidery machine- 30% off
  • White elastic -30% off
  • Pink leopard print jersey knit to make dresses- 30% off
  • Red jersey knit to make bodice of dress-30% off
  • Doggie print to make skirt of dress- 50% off
  • Doggie and kitty print to do who knows what with- 50% off
  • Green and black knit remnant- $2 yard
  • and a little something for myself!

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