Friday, August 31, 2012

Favorite Thing Friday- Friday Night Football

I have always loved the Friday night festivities of a high school football game. Through junior high and senior high school I was a cheerleader. This meant I was there for every game jumping around and cheering for my team. I also wanted to be in the band and march during the half-time show, but my father thought that would be too many activities for me ( I already took weekly piano lessons and did countless other activities). I wonder why he thought I was too busy?

Now notice I did not say that I love watching the game. I do enjoy a good game, but mostly I enjoy watching the "pretty people" as my husband titled them for me after trying to watch college football games with me. I do well for about the 1st quarter watching the cheerleaders and pom squad and then start to get antsy. I make it through then 2nd quarter so i can see the band, and if I make it any further that's just gravy. I have just recently realized why I can't sit still during a ball game, because i'm used to be jumping and hopping around!

So with my love of Friday night lights the kiddos have to have some outfits supporting the home team, and here they are.


And these for our friends down the road. Does anyone know how to turn this pic around?

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