Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's a Mama Thing

Lately I seem to be getting into some situations only fellow mothers could relate too. Please tell me I'm not the only one.

All my kiddos have been sick for about a week. Today little Snow White could go back to preschool and after we picked her up we went to Shirley's, a local craft and fabric store, to pick up some ribbon. I got a buggy and pushed it up the hill to my van to load everyone in. Once I parked it next to the van, I realized it would roll backwards down the hill... I needed to load 1 buggy cover for the baby, then 1 baby, and 2 3-year olds, or at least get them out to follow along.

How was I to hold the buggy from rolling down hill and unbuckle harnesses that take 2 hands to unbuckle?

Lol! I wonder if anyone was watching me trying to figure this out.

I could reach Cinderella and unbuckle her while holding the buggy with my foot. I placed her in the back, and had her hold onto the door handle of the front door to keep herself from rolling away. Then I put on the infant buggy cover and unbuckled Snow White. Then I could buckle Prince Charming in the buggy and have Snow White follow along. Whew! I laughed at myself just writing that down.

Unfortunately, we then had to get back out again after shopping. I did figure out that time to park the buggy in front of my van so gravity could not pull the buggy downhill, and I could get the kiddos out one at a time without losing anyone. I guess it would have been too easy to do it that way the first time.


Also during the latest sickness there has been some vomiting. Not horrible vomiting, but still several incidents. One of these times I was able to catch it mostly in my hands. Now my husband says this is disgusting and that no one other than me would do that. But I say no, "you are no mother, you are not the one cleaning up the pukey mess. " I say most moms would gladly catch the mess and then wash herself up, rather than wash up an entire bed and floor.

What about you???

Is this weird?

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Monna said...

I had 4 kids and I can tell you I caught some icky stuff a time or 2. You are not alone. LOL